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4 Days

Ramadhan in Sarajevo is a Festival of Human connections Special days in a Special City

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What's included

Departure Location
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Return Location
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Price includes
  • A guided tour of important places
  • All meals included
  • First class or best available hotels in the area
  • First Entrance fees
  • Professionally guided tour
Price does not include
  • Entrance tickets to monuments and museums
  • Increases in airfares or Government imposed taxes
  • Medical insurance and emergency insurance
  • Services not specifically stated in the itinerary
  • Tips to guide and driver
  • Visa arrangements
  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
Day 1

Introduction to the city

Each city has its own most attractive periods of time in terms of people visiting and events happening. For Sarajevo, Ramadan is the case. It represents one of the most attractive touristic motives of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital. Ramadan atmosphere is a lure for tourists and non-Muslim people because Ramadan environment can be felt, seen and taken a part in. Iftar (a dinner that ends the fasting day) is being organized in a home setup, or in restaurants, or even in public places if Ramadan happens to take place in the summer part of the year. Those iftars on Baščaršija, with the sound of the cannon coming from the Yellow Fortress and all those ezans from minarets all over Sarajevo, are this city’s specialty. Many restaurants in Baščaršja offer Bosnian cuisine with elements of Orient. It’s really hard to find an extra table so the reservations are required. Besides Bosnian restaurants, there are many Arabian, Turkish and Albanian ones. The first day, you will be experiencing this atmosphere with our guide and local people.
Day 2

Main Landmarks

It is time to introduce another side of the city to you. Sarajevo is famous for its rich history and today you will witness what that really means. You will have a detailed walking tour with our guide. A unique combination of the Ottoman and the Austro-Hungarian architectural styles is what makes this part of Sarajevo so captivating. Visit to the recently re-opened, Vijecnica, Sarajevo's city hall, which hosts national library (depends on the arrival time). Also planned is a visit to Coppersmith Street, Sebilj fountain, Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque and Bezistan, Farhadiya Street. Overnight stay at the hotel in Sarajevo.
Day 3

Ramadhan in Herzegovina

Will will head to the south and visit the unofficial capital of Herzegovina, Mostar. River Neretva, will follow us with its beautiful turquoise color all the way from Konjic to Mostar, unofficial capital of Herzegovina. The gem of the day is Old Stone Bridge in Konjic, dating back to 1682. After the inspiration time, the food time comes. Enjoy magical moments next to Neretva with some good Bosnian food. Beautiful city of Mostar, famous for its Old Bridge and the Old City, built during the Ottoman period is UNESCO World Heritage-listed city. Mostar is the biggest city in Herzegovina with unprecedented charm. In the afternoon, it is time to relax in yet another historical and natural phenomenon – Blagaj – and the spring of river Buna, under the rocky hill, said to be ‘one of the finest examples of an underground karst river’. The exact depth of the emerald colored spring is still unknown, and, on the bank of the river, you will find a beautiful Darwish, Sufi house, built around 1520. This truly stunning place is one of the most visited places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a long day, time to eat. Evening return to Sarajevo.
Day 4


It is time to say goodbye to Bosnia. We hope this short visit will make you visit Bosnia again, next time for a different kind of trip.

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More about this tour

Preparing for Ramadan starts a while before the month begins, as Muslims go about cleaning the mosques which volunteers and young people fill and decorate.

When the start of Ramadan is confirmed by the state, different forms of celebrations start in Bosnia, and you can see lanterns and lights everywhere.

Ramadan is considered a chance in Bosnia to spread the sense of takaful (sponsorship) and paying the debts of the indebted as well as collecting donations for the needy.

In Bosnia, Ma’edet Al Rahman (Mercy Table) brings together people of all religions and families, relatives and neighbours are all invited.

The historic yellow citadel is one of the most beautiful places chosen by the people of Bosnia for iftar (breaking the fast) given the beautiful view. From there, the Azan (call to prayer) and cannon (to signal the beginning of eating) can be heard throughout the entire city, announcing that it is time for iftar.

Firing the cannon is a tradition that developed in the 20th century and stopped during the period that followed WWII as firing cannons was banned. The tradition then came back to life in 1997.


Bosnia Travels is a travel agency but also more than that. See. Discover. Contribute.

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    Bosnia Travels is a travel agency but also more than that. See. Discover. Contribute.

    Our Newsletter

    Subscribe to our newsletter and get exlusive first minute offers straight into your inbox.

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      A spiritual retreat/Ramadhan

      4 Days

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