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Family Holidays Historical Honeymoon and Romancing Nature 7 days in Bosnia + Dubrovnik

€620 per person
8 Days
More than 1

Queen Neretva takes you to the Adriatic Sea Bosnian beauties withDubrovnik

Bosnia & Herzegovina’s tourism scene is growing as neighboring countries take the spotlight. Travel to Croatia and Montenegro is on the rise, and visiting B&H is seeing the benefits. While Bosnia-Herzegovina has little coastline like its neighbors, the country’s fast-flowing rivers and beautiful mountain ranges make for a wonderful nature holiday. As with any country, particularly those still developing strong tourism industries, it’s important to practice socially responsible travel. Consider these ideas when you’re traveling through the region.
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What's included

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Additional Information
Availability: Upon request - Private tour Accommodation: 5 nights in Sarajevo - BB, 4* Hotel Novotel, 2 nights in Mostar - Hotel Kapetanovina
Price includes
  • A guided tour of important places
  • Accommodation in single twin share room
  • Current Hotel Taxes and Service Charges
  • Entrance tickets to monuments and museums
  • First Entrance fees
  • Observation and participation in allowed activities
  • Professionally guided tour
  • Unlimited bottled water
Price does not include
  • Departure Taxes or Visa handling fees
  • Personal expenses
  • Services not specifically stated in the itinerary
  • Visa arrangements
Additional Prices
First child (0-12yrs): €450 Second child (0-12yrs): €370

“Some cities amaze us, other places we fall in love with for their sheer natural beauty, and then there are countries like this, where I couldn’t even tell you one single thing I don’t like about it, let alone all the reasons to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina.From lakes that look photoshopped to grand architecture rising up hills, turbulent and tragic history to some of the most welcoming people you will meet; Bosnia and Herzegovina is a confusing yet captivating country.”

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Day 1

Welcome to Bosnia!

Arrival to Sarajevo, pick up from the airport, check-in at the hotel, short rest, then tour in the Old City, Bascarsija, the central and the most popular tourist area of Sarajevo, called 'the heart' of Sarajevo since its beginnings. A unique combination of the Ottoman and the Austro-Hungarian architectural styles is what makes this part of Sarajevo so captivating. Visit to the recently re-opened, Vijećnica, Sarajevo's city hall, which hosts national library (depends on the arrival time). Vijećnica was built during the Austro-Hungarian period (19th century) and has been considered as one of the most representative of Sarajevo's buildings. In August 1992, it was destroyed by a heavy shelling and 22 years later, after a careful restoration, it opened its door to visitors. Visit to the Latin Bridge, a place where the assassination of Duke Ferdinand occurred, an event that many consider as a trigger of WWI. Also planned is a visit to Coppersmith Street, Sebilj fountain, Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque and Bezistan, Farhadiya Street. Overnight stay at the hotel in Sarajevo.
Day 2

So Green

After breakfast, visit to a beautiful and idyllic picnic place – the spring of the river Bosna (Vrelo Bosne) – visited by many tourists and Bosnians. After seeing many crystal clear streams and little waterfalls, there will be an opportunity to take horse carriage through the 3,5 kilometres long tree avenue. Later on, we plan to visit Tunnel of Hope, a war museum that witnessed the strength and struggle of Bosnian people in the last war. Sunnyland and Pino Nature at the mount Trebevic cannot be missed. You can choose between going there by car/bus or a cable car (Žičara) and then have a relaxing hike through the woods (2 km) before you get to enjoy warm drinks between surrounded by pine trees. Overnight in Sarajevo.
Day 3

Heart of Bosnia - Travnik & Jajce

Welcome to Travnik, the city of 90 Vazirs (State Ministers) who were appointed there during Ottoman administration in Bosnia. A visit to Travnik usually begins with one of the restaurants next to Plava Voda (Blue water stream), at the town’s Eastern entrance. The medieval fortress from the first half of 15th century rises above this area, dominating the city of Travnik. There, you will find an ammunition warehouse, a jail and towers that were used to mount cannons. While in Travnik, it is certainly worth visiting the Heritage Museum, the birth house of Nobel Prize Winner Ivo Andric as well as the Madrassah “an Islamic high school built during the Ottoman period” that still functions as a one of equal standing to its Bosnian peers. Visit the Colored mosque in the center of Travnik’s old town and taste Travnik kebab - which for some reason tastes different from that of Sarajevo. A visit to Jajce usually begins with a look around the waterfalls on Pliva River. The beautiful waterfall is unique in that it is located in the town center. After touring the waterfall, visitors journey within the city walls, which conceal 20 national monuments and many houses with traditional steep wooden roofs. You will also find catacombs and a so-called Bear Tower. The catacombs were build as underground tombs for an elite family and were carved into bedrock. The tour includes the visit to the ethno museum of Jajce. The sarge and small Pliva lakes are 5 km west of Jajce are surrounded by hills covered in dense forest, which gives them a unique dark blue-green colour. The lakes offer the possibility for a variety of activities on their calm waters. Between the large and small Pliva lakes are the Mlincici Mills; twenty small wooden watermills created during the middle ages. At the campsite next to the small lake you can rent a bike and take a tour around the lakes.
Day 4

Herzegovina calling

Breakfast in the hotel, and then we will head to the southern part of country - Herzegovina. The largest river in the region, Neretva, will follow us with its beautiful turquoise colour all the way from Konjic to Mostar, unofficial capital of Herzegovina. Beautiful city of Mostar, famous for its Old Bridge and the Old City, built during the Ottoman period is UNESCO World Heritage-listed city. Mostar is the biggest city in Herzegovina with unprecedented charm. Free time in Mostar and a tour with our guide in the Old Town. Overnight in Mostar.
Day 5

All green, again

Visit to the city of Pocitelj. This pretty historical town was built in 1383, on a rocky cliff, under the fortress, sloping steeply down to the bank of the river Neretva. Hajji Alija's mosque is one of the finest achievements of the classical Ottoman architectural style and was built in 16th century. With its distinctive architecture Pocitelj is completely in the function of tourism and cultural events; it is a UNESCO world heritage site.
Lunch break will take place in yet another historical and natural phenomenon – Blagaj – and the spring of river Buna, under the rocky hill, said to be ‘one of the finest examples of an underground karst river’. The exact depth of the emerald coloured spring is still unknown, and, on the bank of the river, you will find a beautiful Darwish, Sufi house, built around 1520. This truly stunning place is one of the most visited places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Overnight in Mostar.

Day 6

Dubrovnik, at last!

Get ready to cross some borders. We are going to Dubrovnik.

Having used its exceptional diplomatic art, Dubrovnik has succeeded to remain the road junction between the east and west, north and south through all these centuries. Today, it has become one of the world centres of tourists from all continents, where people of various profiles from all over the world gladly meet: artists, diplomats, scientists, various experts of all possible professions and trades. It is new Dubrovnik, proud of its tradition and its entire cultural and historical heritage, proud and haughty of its present days, and especially proud of the friendship with all people and citizens coming from all over the world.The entire city is turned towards the sun and the sea, blazing with rich colours of the blossoming gardens and hot roofs, as if it were floating on the wide-open sea, accompanied by a proud escort of the eternally green islands and small isles. There are more than 155 miles (250 km) of this coast, full of contrasting beauty and the flourishing vegetation of the South Adriatic.

This just an excerpt, because you will hear a lot about the city by our local guide.

Now, back to Sarajevo.

Day 7

Shopping and more

This day is for your entertainment.
You will be able to shop in the most popular centres in Sarajevo, as well as in the local small shops. Our guide will be at your service as usual.

Optional activities can include visits to the museums:
Svrzo house - Represents a life of one Bosniaks-Muslim family in the late 19th century, and visiting this house you can see how one wealthy family lived during the Ottoman period in Bosnia.
Brusa bezistan - The permanent exhibition is based on the chronological principle, with the archaeological material on display divided into three sections: prehistory, Antiquity (including the earliest example of a fleur-de-lis in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the Middle Ages. The gallery of the bezistan houses exhibits from the Ottoman period (including the most expensive equipment of an Ottoman warrior) and the Austro-Hungarian period.
Gazi Husrev Bey's Library

National museum

Day 8

A farewell

After a week of unforgettable memory making it is time to return home.
The agency will arrange for your trip to the airport.
Once safely home we highly recommend you start planning for your next Getaway :)

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More about this tour

Sarajevo is beautiful. The city is tucked inside a long, thin valley and surrounded on all sides by forested mountains, and almost every crossroads and street corner provides at least a glimpse of an idyllic picture-postcard backdrop. During the worst moments in the city’s history, when its inhabitants were targeted by snipers, this dramatic geography proved to be a terrifying drawback but, thankfully, the spectacular natural beauty of Sarajevo can again be admired and enjoyed.The best way to do this is to find the highest vantage point possible, and with the recent reopening of Sarajevo’s iconic cable car, a trip up the mountainside has, once again, been made easy. A short walk from Baščaršija brings you to the shiny new cable car station in the foothills of Mount Trebević, one of the peaks which played host to events in the 1984 Winter Olympics. For a return fee of 20 Bosnian marks (approximately £10), this must-do cable car lifts you more than 1,100m in seven minutes, providing breathtaking views every second of the way. At the top, the perspective shifts and changes like a kaleidoscope. In the short space of time that I was on the mountain, I saw the cityscape swelter beneath me under a clear blue sky and then quickly become obscured by twirling strands of mist that seemed to appear from nowhere.It’s a view which defies comparison with most other European cities. Mosques and minarets decorate the skyline along with the Romanesque towers of Catholic churches and the onion-shaped domes of Orthodox ones. And that is another thing which makes this city so fascinating: it’s a place where east and west meet. On the main pedestrian thoroughfare, Ferhadija, this cultural equator is marked for posterity on the pavement and a sign encourages visitors to take a photo looking first one way up the street and then the other.


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    Bosnia Travels is a travel agency but also more than that. See. Discover. Contribute.

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      7 days in Bosnia + Dubrovnik

      €620 per person
      8 Days
      More than 1

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