• Paragliding

    People always have had a curiosity of what it would feel like to fly. Watching birds as they soar overhead or planes taking off and landing. 

    Paragliding lets you feel the freedom of flight - to see the world from a birds-eye-view. 

    A paraglider is a motorless, inflatable wing, fixed with Kevlar lines that secure a pilot’s harness. The pilot sits in the harness and launches the vehicle by foot or by way of a towing winch. He or she steers the wing by weight shift and application of brakes that changes the shape of the rear edge of the wing.

    The terrain in BiH is suitable for both, those interested for one time flying or experienced professional. At the mountains itself, there are many grassy and lightly straightened starts at different altitudes forbeginners and the experienced

    Access to the mountain is Sarajevo - Krupac - Igman (Police station) - Bjelasnica - Babin Do. 

    Also Mostar - Hadzici - Igman - Bjelasnica - Babin Do.




  • 08.12.2017