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  • National Geographic magazine named Bosnia and Herzegovina as the best mountain biking adventure destination for 2012. 

    The central Bosnian Dinaric Alps are favored by hikers and mountaineers, containing both Mediterranean and Alpine climates. 

    Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikesshare similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.


    Ramsko lake is a real beauty when it reaches its full capacity. The depth of the lake is 70-95 meters along the dam. The length of the dam to Varvari is 7.5 km and width 4.6 km. At 595 meters above sea level, the lake spills over the overflow drain and has a maximum water surface of 1480.8 ha. 

    Šćit Island is connected by an embankment and in a special way makes this lake, its appearance and content, more beautiful. Two smaller islands, Umac and Skarin, further break the monotony of the surface water and adorn the environment. The lake is semicircular, with a lot of bays. A slight decline of the coasts makes the lake accessible from almost all sides. The lake is located on former arable land, fields and meadows with plenty of clay and so it made muddy coast because of oscillations of the surface of the lake. Such ground sometimes blurrs the lake water, especially in the afternoon when the wind real waves that hit the coast. Otherwise, the lake is always clean and has crystal clear water of light green color. Some of the lake’s living inhabitants include californian and stream trout, lake trout, perch, carp and chub. 

    After Ramsko lake, this mountain bike tour, long 120km, passes through unique natural reserve, nature park Blidinje and through mountain massifs Cvrsnica and Vran.


    TIME                    PLAN OF ACTIVITIES

    08:00 – Arrival to Konjic (Tourist info „Visit Konjic“)

    08:15 – Transport to the mountain biking start point

    09:00 - Arrival to the nature park Blidinje

    09:30 – Start of the MTB tour

    10:30 – Arrival to the  shrine Diva Grabovčeva, break (lunch package, photoshooting)

    13:00 – Arrival in village Orašac

    14:00 – Arrival to the Ramsko lake, break (relaxing, photoshooting)

    16:00 – Arrival to Prozor, break

    18:00 – Arrival to Jablanica

    18:30 – Transport to Konjic and departure



    Are you the fan of adrenaline, speeding and you want to be in a natural environment?

    Then, mountain biking through Herzegovina is right for you! 

    Herzegovina’s ideal natural conditions for the development of this sport will make this, an adventure of a lifetime! Here, in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the mountainous region of Herzegovina and natural attractions,declared by the National Geographic as one of the top 10 destinations to visit, we will take you to unforgettable biking tours. The choice is yours, whether you will enjoy the easy ride next to Jablaničko Lake or move towards the hillsides of the mountain Prenj while breathing in fresh and clean mountain air.

    Biking tours:

    1. Ruište-Boračko lake-Borci-Konjic                                                                                                        

    (duration of the tour is around 6 hours, light and medium-difficulty, about 40 km, recommended to amateurs, experienced cyclists and professionals)

    2. Bjelašnica (Babin Do)-Lukomir-Čuhovići-Vrdolje-Džepi–Konjic                                                     

    (duration of tour is around 8 hours, medium-difficulty, about 80 km, recommended to experienced cyclists and professionals)

    3. Konjic-Ljubina-Idbar-Konjic                                                                                                                  

    (duration of tour is around 6 hours, medium-difficulty, about 60 km, recommended to amateurs, experienced cyclists and professionals)

    4. Bradina-Lisin-Bitovinja-Konjic                                                                                                             

    (duration of tour is around 7 hours, light and medium-difficulty, about 50 km, recommended to amateurs, experienced cyclists and professionals)

    5. Konjic-Čelebići-Butrović polje-Konjic                                                                                                  

    (duration of tour is around 5 hours, light and medium-difficulty, about 30 km, recommended to amateurs, experienced cyclists and professionals)

    6. Konjic - city tour                                                                                                                                     

    (duration of tour is around 2 hours, easy, about 10 km, recommended to amateurs, experienced cyclists and professionals)


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