• Rafting

  • Experience the thrill of whitewater rafting on Bosnian rivers. Choose one of the rivers and routes to have fast and furious, exhilarating ride that moves you through foamy water, or try a safe route with group of friends or family.

    Most recently, The Huffington Post named Bosnia and Herzegovina the “9th Greatest Adventure in the World for 2013″, adding that the country boasts “the cleanest water and air in Europe; the greatest untouched forests; and the most wildlife. The best way to experience is the three rivers trip, which purls through the best the Balkans have to offer.”

    Rafting on the River Neretva

    TIME                   PLAN OF ACTIVITIES

    10:00                  Arrival to Konjic (breakfast at restaurant „HAN“)

    11:00-11:45      Transport to the rafting start point (village Glavatičevo - bus)

    11:50-12:15      Preparation for rafting (borrowing equipment)

    12:30-15:30      Rafting on the river Neretva (breaks for photoshooting, swimming, lunch package)

    15:45-16:00      Returning the equipment and departure

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