• Horseback Riding
  • Horse riding can make you feel happy and positive, and lower your stress hormones – it naturally stimulates production of serotonin giving you a sense of well-being.
  • Some people ride simply to relax and unwind outdoors on peaceful hacks across oasis of peace, tranquility, unspoiled nature  giving you the opportunity to experience and interact with nature, take in the fresh air, smell the foliage and see the wildlife.

    There are many obvious health benefits to riding, including: 
    • strong core and legs
    • boost in confidence
    • meditation 

    Horses are even used in therapy for mentally disabled children- which only proves further how healthy they are.

    Riding combines a cardiovascular workout with a rewarding mental challenge.

    It helps: 
    • improve your fitness and balance
    • build muscle tone 
    • encourage muscle strength and improve hand-eye coordination 
    • burning calories

  • 27.12.2017