• Flyfishing

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is an exceptional fly-fishing destination for all passionate fans of this royal sport. 

    B&H has untouched mountain rivers that are rich in pure water, numerous springs and waterfalls. There are only a few places in the world where you can find undisturbed environments with crystal-clear rivers and springs located in such close proximity. 

    In B&H’s 51,129 square kilometers, there are over 3000 km of rivers inhabited by Trout. Altogether, this land promises you a completely new and exciting first-class experience. There are several beautiful fly-fishing rivers in the northwest region of B&H, all within 100 km from one another. All these rivers thrive with wild brown and rainbow Trout and trophy-size Grayling. All rivers offer first-class water quality, and all locations feature either FLY ONLY or CATCH & RELEASE regimes presenting fishermen with real challenges.

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