• Sarajevo old town tour

  • Sarajevo Old Town tour is our wisely designed tour to offer explanation and great experience while walking around the Baščaršija and Sarajevo city center. Wandering around the Old District without being properly introduced to what you really see is good none the less, but should you desire to know more about what you see, and even more than that, than this tour is great way to do it.

    The point of the whole trip is to showoff the most interesting sites of the Old Town and City Center of Sarajevo. Aside of historic parts, we want to show you where to eat best local food, where to have best Bosnian coffee, where to go out during the day and during the nights too, where to buy local products, souvenirs, crafts, etc., all in one tour.

    Join us and learn about great story of this city.


    - Tour Attractions

    - Baščaršija - Old Town/District

    Baščaršija as the most important part of Sarajevo city has a lot to offer. 

    Normally with us you will have the opportunity to see ALL attraction in this historically most interesting part of Sarajevo. 

    First we start with Baščaršija square itself, famous fountain called Sebilj, and a whole story behind.

    Later we move on towards Kazandžiluk street (Coppersmith's street), burned library - Vijećnica and Inat Kuća, and thorough explanation regarding the two distanced fortresses, Yellow and White bastion

    We keep our way and learn about few bridges, including Šeher-ćehaja, Imperial and Latin bridge. Latin Bridge and the museum next to it, World famous due to one unfortunate event that took place there, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, which we go through, in every aspect (terrorist or a hero).

    Imperial mosque, Gazi Husref beys mosque complex (Mosque, Khanikah, Ezantash, Fountain, Clock tower,Gazi Husref beys bezistan, Madrassa, public bathroom, public kitchen, etc.) and few other spots around are places we certanly do not miss.

    Only after we check out whole Jewish history in Sarajevo and make sure we go and see Il Kal Vježu (Old Temple) and learn a lot about it. The Jewish story is the most unfortunate story of Sarajevo and we try so hard to offer understanding about it. From within this structure you can take one of the most "multireligious" photos is whole Sarajevo so join us and take it :)

    Just a few steps outside of Old Town we go and see Cathedral of Sacred Jesus Hearth, Jewish museum and gallery, being followed with Morića Han (only surviving Ottoman time Han - hostel in Sarajevo).

    We make sure we check out some of Sarajevo Roses and their unfortunate story.

    Old Orthodox Church, one most uncommon in its design by being wider than longer, and built in some interesting manner, is also one of our goals. Another great temple of Orthodoy is Orthodox Cathedral - that is included as well.

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