• Stolac Tour

  • Do you want to experience flavours of history in its authentic form somewhere in a small sunny town of Herzegovina? 

    If so, take a tour to Stolac with us, we will walk along its refreshing river and you will see – cultural heritage is all around you. We will cross its bridges – they will tell a fabulous story for sure. Stolac is blessed with a Mediterranean climate, incomparable ecological diversity and some of the most fascinating cultural heritage in Bosnia & Herzegovina and beyond. It is a quasi-mythical town

    Nobel laureate Ivo Andric, author of “The Bridge on the Drina,” once pointed out that “if God created the world anywhere, then he created it in Stolac”.

    Discover the historical gem of Herzegovina, town of Stolac, rich history of Bosnia & Herzegovina and stunning archaeological sites in this region!

    This tour is available all year around!
    Departing daily from Old town of Mostar, but can be arranged from elsewhere, if requested.


    Visit to:

    - the historical area – old town of Stolac, 

    - Radimlja Necropolis – the best preserved stone graveyard from the medieval period, 

    - the ruins of the Illyrian town Daorson (300 years B.C.), 

    - the Paleolithic site Badanj (14,000 B.C.), 

    - the Vidoški Castle Ruins, 

    - Šarić family house (Ottoman style house built in 1734.), 

    - City Mosques (Sultan Selim mosque (1519), 

    - Hadži Alije mosque (1736),

    - Ćuprija – stone bridge,

    - Water mills on river Bregava,

    - Provalije waterfall – beautiful piece of natur on Bregava river into the heart of the city, 

    - Begovina – Bosnian noble family housing complex built in the late Ottoman period (mid-19th century).


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