• Travnik & Jajce city tour

  • Welcome to Travnik, the city of Vazirs (ministers) that has witnessed 90 vazirs during the Ottoman administration in Bosnia. 

    A visit to Travnik usually begins  at one  of the restaurants next to the Plava Voda (Blue Water Stream), at the towns Eastern entrance. The medieval fortress from the first half of 15th century  rises above this area, dominating the city of Travnik. There you will find a warehouse for ammunition, a jail and towers that were used to mount cannons.

    While in Travnik it is certainly worth visiting the Heritage Museum, the birth house of Nobel Prize Winner Ivo Andric as well as the Madrassah, an Islamic highschool built during the Ottoman period that still functions as a high school equal to other high schools in Bosnia.

    Visit the Coloured mosque in the center and the old town Travnik and taste Travnik kebab, that for some reason tastes differently from Sarajevo kebab.

    A visit to Jajce usually begins with a look around the waterfalls on the Pliva river. The beautiful waterfall is unique in that it is located in the town center. After touring the waterfall, visitors journey within the city walls, which conceal 20 national monuments from the municipality of Jajce and many houses with traditional steep wooden roofs.

    You will also find catacombs and so called Bear Tower. The catacombs were build as an underground tombs for one of the elite families and they were carved into bedrock.  The tour includes the visit to the ethno museum of Jajce.

    The Large and Small Pliva Lakes are 5 km west of Jajce. These lakes are surrounded by hills covered in dense forest, which gives them a unique dark blue-green color. The lakes offer the possibility for a variety of activities on their calm waters.

    Between the Large and Small Pliva lakes are the Mlincici Mills, twenty small wooden watermills created during the middle ages. At the campsite next to the Small lake you can rent a bike and take a tour around the lakes. 

    End of tour.








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