• Honeymoon

  • Day 1 – Sightseeing Sarajevo Old Town

    Arrival to Sarajevo. After a short rest, sightseeing tour of the Old Town in Sarajevo - Bascarsija. Visit City Hall, Gazi Husrev-bey's Mosque and Clock Tower, Emperor's Mosque, Latin bridge and other interesting places.  A panoramic view of Sarajevo valley is a great start for getting to know Bosnia and your for you Honeymoon. Overnight in Bjelasnica Hotel 4* on Mt. Bjelasnica. 

    Day 2 – Tradition & Love

    Visit to Lukomir village - the most secluded village in B&H. Meet and greet inhabitants of the village who will tell you stories of how they used to live and marry in the past. Taste some homemade Bosnian food. Fresh air and beautiful landscape will definitely make this unique experience more special.  Departure to the capital, and dinner in Kibe restaurant which is one of the most famous and luxurious restaurants in Sarajevo. Enjoy the romantic evening.

    Day 3 Sarajevo – Konjic – Mostar – Sarajevo

    After breakfast departure to Konjic - one of the oldest permanent settlements in Bosnia. Konjic is famous for wood-carving, a tradition carefully transferred through generations.  

    Visit to Mostar – “The pearl of Herzegovina”. The famous Old Bridge in Mostar is one of the 20 most beautiful bridges in the world and it is under UNESCO protection. Visit to Blagaj – refreshment in beautiful and unique atmosphere at the source of River Buna, the tranquility of the Dervish House and the fresh waters of Buna make it a truly special place. Herzegovina is the south part of the country with a Mediterranean climate and some amazing fruits that you can find as of May. Overnight in Mostar.

    Day 4 – A little bit of history and nature

    Morning coffee on Mt. Igman next to the only mosque built on the mountain during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia. You will definitely like the calmness of the place and the smell of cypresses.

    Visit the source of River Bosna – a beautiful park where you can relax, drink some spring water and enjoy horse carriage rides along the long promenade. 

    Back to the hotel. Enjoy a relaxing evening in the spa center of Bjelasnica hotel.

    Day 5 – To the heart of Bosnia

    Checkout from the hotel. Trip to Jajce, hometown of Bosnian Kings. Its Pliva waterfall is an extremely impressive natural monument that rises 22m high. The waterfall is unique because it is in the middle of the town. It was also voted one of the twelve most beautiful waterfalls in the world.  Visit to the watermills on Lake Plivsko where you can enjoy a boat ride and horse-riding. Overnight in Blanca Spa Hotel and Resort 5* on Mt. Vlasic in Travnik.


    Day 6 - Travnik tour

    Sightseeing of the mountain, visit to the small yet beautiful waterfall on River Ugar. Visit to Travnik – the city with strong oriental culture and full of excellent examples of Ottoman architecture such as Elci Ibrahim Pasha's Madrassah, Colored (Sulejmania) Mosque (built 1575.), house of the internationally acclaimed local writer and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric, and to the most impressive fortress in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, Travnik Fortress. Visit to a place called Blue Water near Travnik which is a famous excursion site. The fish pond surrounded by beautiful waterfalls of River Semesnica is a sight not to be missed. Overnight in Vlasic.

    Day 7 – Back to Sarajevo

    Checkout from the hotel. Visit to the ethno village Čardaci, a truly beautiful place built in retro style. Overnight in Sarajevo.

    Day 8 - Departure

    Checkout. Transfer to the airport. End of journey.

    5 overnight stays in Sarajevo, Mt. Bjelasnica, Hotel Bjelasnica 4*, BB, double room

    2 overnight stays in Travnik, Mt. Vlasic, Hotel Blanca Spa and Resort 5*, BB, double room

    Tickets for tourist places (Source of River Bosnia/horse carriage rides, Source of River Buna, Travnik Fortress, City Hall, Jajce Waterfall)

    Dinner at Kibe Restaurant (Day 2)

    An evening for two in the Spa center of Bjelasnica Hotel

    Tour guide/Transportation




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