• Ethno Village Semešnica

  • Eco Village "Semešnica" is located on the river Semešnica near Donji Vakuf, 3 km from the city center.

    A beautiful oasis of peace and tranquillity where lane and bridges of wooden logs strewn across the water, like they are not made by human hands, as if everything just grew and sprouted around. 
    The breathtaking scenery, range known by its specific vegetation, climate and water dives, plenty of clean, unpolluted air and water, life-rich forests, crowned return colony of playful beaver, shows real jewel of unspoiled nature. The only trace of civilization are benches with a small lookout point from where you can observe donkeys, ponies, ducks and even swans.

    Pond Semešnica is really excellent resort for a short or long break because it owns a restaurant and bungalows (huts) and if you just get hungry then do not miss the fresh trout for a meal with local flat bread from the traditional mill where it is ground to flour flat bread which is also part of the resort.

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