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  • Ethno Village Vukov Konak

  • Vukov Konak, (Wolf Inn), main building is over a 100 years old log house traditional to the region. 

    It is a fairytale house with dimly lit corners, old ornaments, sheep skins, candles, and books.

    It is situated just outside the village Vucja Luka, (Wolf Haven), in Bosnia, only 18 km from downtown Sarajevo. 
    The house is surrounded by deep, dark green forests, peaceful meadows, and cattle grazing areas on a mountain, 1300 meters above sea level.  

    You can enjoy: 

    - the hiking, 
    - walking, 
    - snowshoeing paths and 
    - endless spots of natural beauty,  
    - try a Finnish sauna, fixed with an original Finnish wood burning stove. 

    You can also: 

    - take a ride to ski resorts such as Olympic Games Bjelašnica and Skakavac waterfall, 
    - go night walking in the fields and forests (with headlamps and a guide), 
    - visit the local sheep farm and enjoy some coffee, 
    - take a 4×4 ‘safari’ to a nearby village for lunch. 

    There is a small restaurant and sleeping rooms for altogether 10-15 guests.