• Eco Centre EKO-FIS

  • Sports - recreational complex EKO-FIS Vlašić is located 1 km away from Babanovac, and it is open to their guests all year long. 
    The complex is designed so that nature lovers have a reason to come in winter and in summer, because the complex does not offer only ski trails, but numerous sports facilities for mini-soccer, volleyball, beach volleyball, handball, basketball, and tennis. There is also an Adrenaline-Raising Park and paintball field. 
    For the youngest, there is children playground, and for those older a relaxing spa corner.

    Accommodation facilities at ECO-FIS vary from small to large apartments, eco-houses and huts. In addition, a restaurant The Lake offers a variety of dishes, warm environment and the view on the ski trail and the slopes of the Mount Vlašić.
    ECO-FIS Vlašić is ideal for family vacations and fun, but also for business meetings and team building. Ultimately it offers an absolute peace and relaxation.

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