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    Located at 420 m above sea level, only 20 km from Konjic, Boračko Lake is, with its length of 720 m, not only the most beautiful, but also the biggest mountain lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

    Surrounded by tall green trees, with typical mountain climate and crystal clear water, the lake attracts large number of tourists, sportsmen, fishermen and sightseers in love with beauty of this place. Especially tasty crabs and trout can be found in this lake, and if you go deeper inside the thick vegetation, it is possible to see mountain wild goats. 

    If you decide to enjoy the beauty of Boračko Lake a little bit longer, you can always rent apartment nearby. 

    Boračko Lake is the ideal place for family holidays that will give you true peace without traffic jams and stress.



    Jablaničko Lake is a large artificially formed lake on the Neretva River, right below Konjic where the Neretva River briefly expands into a wide valley. The lake was created in 1953 after construction of a large gravitational hydroelectric dam near Jablanica in central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    The lake is a popular vacation destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

    Swimming, boating and especially fishing are popular activities on the lake. 

    Many weekend cottages have been built along the shores of the lake. There are 13 types of fish in the lakes’ ecosystem.

    This area has developed a tourism niche on the lake. With several good restaurants on its shore, the entire length of the lake is lined with pensions, hotels, private rooms and campgrounds. The lake has some of the best fishing spots in the country, proved by the locals standing on the side of the road selling their 'catches of the day' - large carp, trout, bass and other fish.



    Prokoško Lake is located on Vranica Mountain between hills Debelo (1858 m), Glavičica (1691 m), Trbević and Ćos (1864 m). The lake is located at 1635 m above sea level. The surface area is 48.000 m² and the lakes maximal depth is 13 m. 

    Since 2005, it was declared a nature monument because of the big number of endemic species of animals and plants, and also because of the water richness of the surrounding area.



    This artificial lake, not far from the city, is one of many hidden natural beauties in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ramsko Lakeis home to Sit Island where the House of Peace at the Franciscan monastery Rama-Scit welcomes guests who are looking for peaceful and calm place, a bit of counselling or just a day of fishing on the lake. 

    It is run by the Franciscan monks who live there all year round. In this monastery, the partisans prepared themselves for their counter-offensive in the Second World War's Battle of the Neretva. 
    The area is lush and green and offers great fishing, boating, walking and hiking and an interesting look at village life in the surrounding hills. The local villagers are very kind and you will find fascinating Catholic villages where women still dress in traditional attire and practice the ancient ritual of tattooing crosses on their hands, arms and even foreheads.



    Plivsko Lake is located near Jajce on the Pliva River at the altitude of 424 m. There are two lakes - Veliko jezero (Big Lake) and Malo jezero (Little Lake). Bigger one is 3,3 km long and 400-70 m wide, and at its deepest point it is 36 m deep. Little one is 950 m long, 220-430 m wide and 24 m deep.

    Plivsko Lake is famous by its still water even on windy days. Plivsko Lake was host of the European and World Championship in canoe and kayak in 1963. The place is very suitable for a lot of water sports like swimming, canoeing, kayaking and fishing, but there is a huge potential for other outdoor sports like running, cycling and other sports



    Tuzla is the only city in Europe that has the salt lakes and the only city in the world whose salt lakes and the beach arelocated in the city center. When, a few million years, the Pannonian Sea withdrawal from large parts of European soil, under the Tuzla it left behind tons of salt rocks and salt water.

    Thanks to this natural wealth, and with the support of local experts, saltwater is drawn to the surface, and in 2003 turned into the Pannonian Lake I, and in 2008 built the Pannonian Lake II, and salty waterfalls. These are lakes that contain mineral-rich salt water, which is salty wells pumped underground.

    This water has healing properties, especially in the treatment of infertility, rheumatic and respiratory diseases. Pannonian lakes have an area of ​​about 17,000 m² with a beach length of 1,000 m, and decorated space area of ​​60,000 m². The salinity of the water corresponds to seawater and is 30-40 gr./l.

    Within the complex are designed area for children and a fitness room, and Neolithic archaeological village park with a museum exhibition. In four years Panonica complex was visited by 2 million tourists.


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