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    Sarajevo is a vibrant city full of life and energy. There are events and festivals all year round. Be sure to check out Bosnia-Herzegovina’s festival schedule to choose the right time to travel here! Choose from contemporary showings and traditional events to see different sides of this diverse country. 
    Some of the main ones are listed below:


    7-28 February – Sarajevo Winter Festival
    The Sarajevo Winter International Festival was first organised in 1984 for the Olympics. The festival includes cultural art and music performances held in the City’s museums, theatres and galleries.


    End of April, early June, early September – Bee Festival
    Bosnia and Herzegovina have their own gold – golden organic honey. This festival runs three times a year on Trg Oslobođenje in the city centre. The festival is an open air event for both honey and medicinal herb producers. The natural teas, oils and creams produced from medicinal herbs in BiH are world class. The quality of honey is also hard to beat. It is a perfect place to pick a practical, organic and healthy gift and support small local producers from communities around the country.

    Mid-April- Book Fair
    This fair is held in Skenderija. It is the biggest fair of its kind in the country. Local and regional publishers present their latest editions and at considerably lower prices. There are numerous book promotions.

    6-8 April – Sarajevo Business Forum
    The forum aims at reviving the culture of open dialogue among statesmen and international figures from various countries as well as presenting BiH and the region to international investors.

    Mid April – Sarajevo Fashion Week
    Like many cosmopolitan cities, Sarajevo also has its own fashion week, started in 2000. During the event, many fashion shows are held with designers participating from around the world.


    Late May – Theatre Fest
    This is an international festival devoted to the promotion of new trends in theatre and enabling dialogue among artists from various cultures and backgrounds.


    Mid-June – Kids Festival
    The Kids Festival is the biggest youth fest in Southeast Europe. Every year over 40,000 children enjoy workshops, movie shows and art performances. The event is held either in Zetra Olympic Hall or Skenderija Center.


    1-31 July – Baščaršija Nights
    The Municipality of the Old Town and the Sarajevo Art Agency organise this month-long festival.There are open air performances on the main stage near the City Hall (Vijećnica) There are numerous art, music and cultural events every day. Everything is free.

    Late July – Sarajevo Film Festival
    Sarajevo Film Festival is the city’s and country’s biggest and most popular cultural manifestation. It began as a humble project during the war. Since then it has grown into a mainstay of the European Film Festival circuit. Top actors such as Brad Pitt, Angeline Jolie, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey have made appearances.

    Early July – Bosnian International Music Festival
    This is a unique cultural event in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal of the festival is the restoration of the artistic collaboration, developing academic co-operation, promotion of Bosnian cultural heritage and building Sarajevo’s new dimension in the world of classical music; not only in Europe but across the ocean as well.

    July – Sarajevo Folk Festival
    This festival started in 1998. The International dance troupes perform their traditional songs and dance at this festival.


    Late September – Ballet Fest
    Ballet has been absent somewhat in post-war Sarajevo’s cultural scene. It has made a remarkable comeback, largely due to the Ballet Fest. This one week affair brings a small but impressive group of world class ballet companies. It embraces both classic and contemporary interpretations to cater to a wide as possible range of audience.
    16 September – Sarajevo Marathon
    This half marathon event is the country’s largest international sporting event. Always held in the 3rd week in September, the run coincides with international ‘car free day’. The event has a strong humanitarian component involving fund-raising for children’s groups. Sarajevo’s marathon attracts both the young and old from the wider region and beyond to see the city by foot.


    Late October - MESS Theatre Festival
    MESS marked its 55th anniversary in 2015. This is the largest running festival in the region and one of the best theatre fests in the region. Aside from the region’s best theatre festival, MESS is a cultural establishment in Sarajevo with theatre and artistic events happening all year round and where International artists participate.


    Early November – Jazz Fest
    This independent non-profit event attracts musicians from the USA, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Norway and Turkey. Jazz Fest resembles the SFF in that the atmosphere is a very laid back one. There are always opportunities after the show events to hang out with the musicians and listen to private jam sessions.

    Sarajevo Ramadan Festival is happening during the month of Ramadan. The aim of the festival is to present the beautiful traditions of Ramadan and the richness of Islamic art and culture.  Žuta (Jekovačka) Tabija is the central location for the festival. During Ramadan, a cannon is fired at maghrib (sunset) from this spot to show the time of iftar, the breaking of the fast, which lasts from sunrise to sunset. 
    During the festival, a number of events – concerts, exhibitions, lectures, film screenings, etc. – is happening at other venues.

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